In today’s markets, contractors are required to produce proposals for projects quicker than ever, with less resources. Completing accurate takeoffs for mowing, mulching, sealcoating, and snow plowing are time-consuming and costly for your sales staff.


 -  Quick turn around

 -  Consistent measuring

 -  Cost effective

 -  Overview Map included

 -  Standard reporting format

    (PDF and .xlsx)

Enter SiteGeo, part of the eps™ suite of applications to help you win more business. SiteGeo removes the need for your sales staff to get bogged down in time-consuming takeoff work. SiteGeo is more than an aerial measuring application. SiteGeo provides the finished takeoff in easy to read and integrated formats.


 -  Site-work Contractors
 -  Excavators
 -  Concrete Flatwork

-  Landscaping
-  Snow Removal
-  Paving/Sealcoating

Integrated Site Measurements for Outdoor Service Companies
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SiteGeo™ is part of the eps™ suite of applications and services provided by V Squared Associates, LLC.