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In today’s markets, contractors are required to produce proposals for projects quicker than ever, with less resources. Completing accurate takeoffs for mowing, mulching, sealcoating, and snow plowing are time-consuming and costly for your sales staff.


 -  Quick turn around

 -  Consistent measuring

 -  Cost effective

 -  Overview Map included

 -  Standard reporting format

    (PDF and .xlsx)

Enter SiteGeo, part of the eps™ suite of applications to help you win more business. SiteGeo removes the need for your sales staff to get bogged down in time consuming takeoff work. SiteGeo is more than an aerial measuring application. SiteGeo provides the finished takeoff in easy to read and integrated formats.


 -  Site-work Contractors
 -  Excavators
 -  Concrete Flatwork

-  Landscaping
-  Snow Removal
-  Paving/Sealcoating

Integrated Site Measurements for Outdoor Service Companies
About The App

Standard Account

Pay As You Go

  • Commitment free plan

  • Good for small scale users
    (Less than 100 reports per year)


  • Ability to preview the report prior to purchase

Plus Account

$250 Per Month

  • Monthly Pre-pay or $2,750.00 paid annually in advance

  • 12 Basic Inventory Reports per month, 144 Basic Inventory Reports annually*

  • Priority request access

* A Basic Inventory Report is comprised a single geo-located parcel.  An average parcel is approximately 10 acres of total land area.

Premium Account

$600 Per Month

  • Monthly Pre-pay or $6,600 paid annually in advance

  • 30 Basic Reports per month,
    360 Basic Reports annually

  • Priority request access

  • Account level dedicated support services

Enterprise Account

Please Call for Pricing

  • Dedicated resources for high-volume users

  • Dedicated Request Queue

  • SLA Support Services

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SiteGeo™ is part of the eps™ suite of applications and services provided by V Squared Associates, LLC.

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